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And finally, their road schedule is void of high-caliber competition in Jacksonville, Atlanta, Tennessee, Washington, Philadelphia and their division rivals. ESPN Chalk’s NFL Vegas experts, Dave Tuley and Erin Rynning, combine to bring you the ultimate betting guide for 2016. Note the Cardinals struggled in both their red zone offense and defense last season, as this team is far too talented for those trends not to turn around. Besides, the encouraging number is the 12 games that the Bengals are expected to be favored in this year. The schedule is tough and front-weighted. The Bears and Lions continue to erode, while the Vikings obviously lose some luster with the loss of quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. Tony Romo got hurt again and the Cowboys’ odds were raised, but there is hope, as he’s projected to miss six to 10 weeks, and rookie Dak Prescott stepped up in the preseason. Head coach Dan Quinn, who built the Seattle Seahawks’ defense before taking this job, obviously still has a lot of work to do with the defense, but that’s why we’re getting such a great price. Peyton Manning is gone, of course, but if Trevor Siemian can run the offense — which relied more on the running game last year anyway — the defense can carry this team far.

Erin Rynning

Yes, there’s a trend here with finding value on teams with QB issues. The better play now is Cincinnati at 20-1, as the Bengals have one of the best all-around teams with a balanced offense and a solid bend-but-don’t-break defense. They jumped to 6-0 record before their bye week, outscoring the opposition 164-101. If you don’t mind giving up the insurance of a push on 7, there are some books that have over 7.5 at plus-money, and even if they don’t live up to my lofty expectations, I don’t think they’ll be worse than a .500 team and get at least the 8 wins needed to cash this bet.

Kansas City Chiefs under 9.5 ( 120)

Again, we don’t need the Bengals to erase their playoff demons to cash this bet. The Jets were 10-6 last year and had the No. Obviously we can’t have the Chiefs going on another 10-game winning streak, but that was a bit of a fluke, and no one’s going to be looking past them this year.


New York Giants under 8.5 (-120)

Atlanta Falcons over 7 (-130)

Dallas Cowboys (25-1)

Dave Tuley

Atlanta Falcons (80-1)

Offensively, the Cardinals continue to be sound at all levels.

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Baltimore Ravens (15-1 to win AFC)

After the schedules came out in April, I made the Saints’ under 6.5 ( 115) one of my best bets, so I like under 7 even better, though the juice is heavy at -140. They did lose defensive tackle Kyle Williams early in the season, but a defensive mastermind like Ryan should be capable of working around a key injury.

Vital when handicapping over/under season wins is the schedule, and the Packers’ slate is relatively smooth sailing. In addition, they were minus-15 in turnovers and nine of their 11 losses were within eight points as seemingly nothing went right. I still like them, but the “value” part isn’t quite there anymore at 14-1. A potential Super Bowl game was promising last season before their collapse in Carolina to end the year after an impeccable 13-3 regular season. I don’t believe the Jets can catch the Patriots, but for this bet they just need to finish over .500 again.

I originally had a lean on the Chiefs under 9 back in the spring, so I really like it now that it has been bet up to 9.5 (and 120 to boot!). 4 defense with Fitzpatrick leading an already-balanced offense that adds running back Matt Forte. Yes, this is a tall win projection, but the Packers are a heavy hitter and the schedule is as soft as a pillow.

The Bills did thrive on the offensive side last season, as offensive coordinator Greg Roman did an incredible job with quarterback Tyrod Taylor & Co. The loss of Tyrann Mathieu was devastating for this group late last season, as he works himself to 100 percent by this season’s end.

If I like the Falcons to go to the playoffs (and especially to make a Super Bowl run), then I must love the over 7 at -130. If Prescott can keep Dallas in contention and Romo returns healthy, the 25-1 price could be an overlay — as long as Romo can stay healthy the rest of the way, which is asking a lot.

Opening week last year, the Ravens lost defensive force and team leader? Terrell Suggs — and quite simply, it was all downhill from there. Note that this offense actually led the league last year in three-and-outs at 28 percent.

The Giants’ over/under was at 8 with added juice most of the summer, and it was a pass for me. They’ve fortified their defensive line with the additions of Chandler Jones and top draft choice Robert Nkemdiche to aid in the all-important NFL pressuring of the quarterback. In proper Ryan-like fashion, the Bills also led the NFL in penalties last year. The first 10 games will test the mettle of Ryan & Co. Unfortunately, they’ve lost the services of difference-maker Marcell Dareus for the first four games. ESPN’s Football Power Index has this total pushing with exactly 7 wins, but I like that the Saints are only projected to be favored in six games at CG Technology, plus the Money Line Estimate only adds up to 6.4 wins. They’re still the best value bet on the board in my opinion. Basically, it comes down to believing we’re much more likely to see 6 wins (and a winning ticket) as opposed to 8.

Arizona’s brilliant head coach Bruce Arians continues to preach it’s all about getting that ring on your finger, and his team is as well-rounded as any to deliver the title this season. After Philadelphia traded away Sam Bradford, this number has been raised to 8.5, and I believe that’s an over-adjustment — so I now like the under 8.5 (and ESPN’s Football Power Index and our Money Line Estimate agree as they’re still right around 8 wins). Yes, the schedule lightens up after that, but Ryan might have one foot out the door.

Tuley: Teams I love (to bet on) Tuley: Teams I love (to fade) Tuley’s totals: Best over/under teams

The season is finally upon us. They just need to keep doing what they’re doing in the regular season, and I don’t see too much of a falloff from the team that finished 12-4 a year ago. In addition, their top draft choice, Shaq Lawson, might be back from injury in November and second-rounder Reggie Ragland is already done for the season. However, after ranking 12th in points per game and sixth in yards per play, expect the league to adjust and regression to occur. Forever the extreme eternal optimist, Ryan’s Bills generally failed to deliver last season, especially on the defensive side of the football.

It’s not often you get 25-1 on the defending champions. The FPI at 9.3 and MLE at 9.4 slightly agree, though it is a little concerning that they’re only clear underdogs in just four games (how they fare in the four pick ‘em games will tell the tale). They don’t need to win them all to get over the total and, even if they don’t win them all, I give them a decent shot to win some of the rare games where they’ll be underdogs or pick ‘em.

If only the Las Vegas oddsmakers would buy into the promises of Bills coach Rex Ryan. However, we’ve clearly seen the high end of this Packers team over the previous two seasons as an offensive machine and a capable defense. We saw how they looked in their 5-0 start last season, when Matt Ryan and Julio Jones looked unstoppable and Devonta Freeman emerged as a scoring machine — and they were the only team to beat Carolina in the regular season. The market hasn’t agreed, as the Falcons drifted all the way up to 100-1 before dipping back to 80-1 over Labor Day weekend. But the talent is there to take a flier.

Other potential future-book plays. And while defenses can still win championships, like we saw last year with Denver, it’s not a necessity in today’s NFL.

Led by Aaron Rodgers, the Packers loomed especially large the first six weeks of last season. Importantly, the huge emergence of running back David Johnson is the catalyst to take the pressure off the deep passing game. The W/L/T that we used in our betting previews for each team and used CG Technology’s Week 1-16 lines to see how many times a team is expected to be favored has the Giants favored in only 8 games, so they would almost have to win all of those (plus any upsets) to get over 8.5.

Under the leadership of John Harbaugh and Ozzie Newsome, the Ravens have been a threat every season to reach the Super Bowl.

New York Jets over 8 ( 150)

Buffalo Bills under 8 (-150)

Minnesota Vikings (20-1)

You have to believe that Sam Bradford puts them back on track, and you have to not worry about not pulling the trigger when you could have had 30-1 when Shaun Hill was expected to be the starter.

Cincinnati Bengals (20-1)

Cincinnati Bengals over 9.5 (EVEN)


New York Giants Chicago Bears New Orleans Saints Arizona Cardinals Pittsburgh Steelers Jacksonville Jaguars


Denver Broncos (25-1)

New Orleans Saints under 7 (-140)

Note: I still like the Houston Texans over 8.5 (-120), but not as much as I did when I got over 8 over the summer (though it still takes 9 wins to cash), so that’s why it didn’t make my list of top “over” bets. Importantly, the key injured cogs from last year are back. Importantly, the Cardinals can move forward from last year. Note that with the top AFC teams expected down compared to the Cardinals, Packers, Panthers and Seahawks, the key is to bet the Ravens to win their conference.


Arizona Cardinals (8-1)

I had a lean on the Jets under 8 back in April, but that was when Ryan Fitzpatrick was holding out, and I expected the number to go higher if he signed. Look for the Ravens to return to their physical ways with a chance to match any AFC contender. Best future bets, season win total bets, teams to bet on and against — it’s all here in Chalk’s 2016 pro football betting guide. 6 overall draft choice, left tackle Ronnie Stanley. Their offensive line, receivers and quarterback certainly rank in the upper echelon of the NFL. They’ll most likely catch the Cowboys without Tony Romo. So, I actually think now that the value is on the over 8, especially at the current 150 price. However, this team peaked early, and eventually the preseason loss of wide receiver Jordy Nelson reared its ugly head along with subpar offensive line play. They added defensive leader Eric Weddle to their defensive backfield, and were able to add the No. Well, the oddsmakers obviously felt all along that he would return to the fold as the odds didn’t budge. Secondly, and ultimately the biggest hurdle, is they have to win three playoff games in a row (four if they don’t get a first-round bye), and head coach Marvin Lewis is 0-7 in the playoffs and 0-4 with Andy Dalton as the starting QB. The Cardinals are poised and motivated for the NFL title.

After Super Bowl 50, I made the Falcons my best value bet for Super Bowl LI at 40-1. Before last season, Harbaugh owned a 72-38 regular-season NFL record as head coach, plus 10-5 in the postseason. Of course, there are two big obstacles for the Bengals: First, they really need to hold off the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC North and secure a first-round bye. Nelson is back this season, while the signing of Jared Cook gives Rodgers another weapon.

Green Bay Packers over 10.5 (-170)

After Super Bowl 50, the Houston Texans were my choice for best value play out of the AFC at 40-1. with trips to Baltimore, New England, Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle and Cincinnati, while garnering the Jets, Arizona and New England at home. Ryan is known for his defensive prowess, but the Bills dropped from fourth in yards allowed in 2014 to 19th in 2015. They eventually placed 20 players on injured reserve, including eight projected starters — Suggs, Joe Flacco, Justin Forsett and Steve Smith included. However, it’s easy to flush last season down the drain and move forward with this rock-solid organization.

The question lingers as to whether Rex and his brother Rob Ryan turn this defense around

11 Great Day Trips From Boston

Plymouth, MA – If you remember your

elementary school history, you are probably familiar with Plymouth, MA and the

arrival of the Pilgrims.

Whether you are interested in history, amusement rides, shopping, or the

outdoors, there is something for you to do within a short drive of Boston. For more information there are a few informational

websites that give an overview of the region.


1. Six

Flags New England is located near Springfield, MA just under 2 hours from

Boston. Not only is there

plenty of gaming, but Foxwoods includes nightly entertainment, a salon/spa, and

great dining. Boston Harbor Islands – Just offshore from

Boston is a series of islands awaiting exploration. Don’t miss the museums or the

Man at the Wheel Statue located down on the waterfront. A little closer to the city is Canobie Lake Park in Salem, NH only a 40

minute drive. In addition you can visit many other

historical sites and museums in this small New England town.

If you are interested in outlet malls you can visit Kittery on your way,

or you can head directly to one of the beach towns of York, Oqunguit, Wells, or

Kennebunk. A daily ferry provides passage to many of

these islands for only $14 for adults. From Boston you can travel to the Cape in 3

ways. At the

lake you can hike, swim, fish, golf, visit an arcade, or just relax.

This tribally owned casino is the largest in North America – eat your

heart out Vegas. For a different type of

park, you can visit the Davis Farmland or the Davis Mega Maze. You can catch the ferry from Long Wharf in

Boston, or get more information on the internet.

7. Make sure you reserve some time to

just relax at the beautiful beaches.

10. Both these parks are

located just over an hour west of Boston..

11. Salem, MA – If you are interested in

history, you may enjoy a trip to Salem, MA just 30 minutes north of Boston.

It is also perfectly located to venture out and explore all New England

has to offer. This historic Seaport town is 2 hours from

Boston and is the home of the the Museum of America and the Sea, America’s

largest maritime museum. Gloucester, MA – Touted as America’s

Oldest Seaport, Gloucester is an artistic community with a maritime

flavor. There are many great towns

and beaches on Cape Cod you can visit with countless ice cream parlors you can

test. For more information on

things to do in Southern Maine click here.

Boston is a

great city with many things to see and do. The town is lined with shops

and restaurants and has many festivals and events during the summer

months. You can also travel to Provincetown on the

tip of the Cape directly via a ferry from Boston. This museum

includes ships and real demonstration of maritime life. For those looking for a slightly more

adventurous trip, the Cape Cod Central Railroad travels from Hyannis to Buzzards

Bay and includes dining and a comfortable way to see this region. If you have a car you can simply

drive and stop along the way whenever you choose. Mystic Seaport, CT – For a taste of

New England’s maritime tradition, you can visit Mystic Seaport. If you live in Boston some of these ideas may

give you a new trip to add to your own favorites.

9. From Boston, Foxwoods is

just under a two hour drive south.

2. In addition to the museum, you can visit the

quaint town and the parlor that inspired the movie Mystic Pizza.

4. Plymouth is only a 45 minute drive from


The 11 Great Day Trips from Boston listed here are just a

few ideas of trips you can take from Boston. Several historic

sites including the House of Seven Gables, the Corwin/Witch house, and the

Salem Maritime National Historic Site are located in Salem and open for

visitors. During the Halloween season,

special events in Salem make this town a great place to visit. Lake Winnipesaukee – Located in NH, picturesque Lake


comprises 72 square miles of water, includes about 253 islands and is

surrounded by 3 mountain ranges. Newport, RI – This beautiful coastal town

is a mixture of mansions, museums and an exciting downtown. The town is surrounded by water

and provides quick access to the sea with fishing trips, whale watches, and

boating. You can tour the mansions or simply take in

the sites as you drive around the town, or simply walk the cobblestone streets.

There are also several vineyards located

near Newport as well as several other agri-tourism sites.

This is obviously a limited list, but includes 11 suggestions of great

daytrips you can take from Boston:

3. The town celebrates

this history and you can participate by visiting Plimoth Plantation, where you

can see reenactments from this historical period. There are many day trips

within just a short drive of the city, and most New England towns offer enough

sites to keep you busy for at least 1 day. Amusement Parks – If you’re looking

for a little excitement for you and your family, several amusement parks are

within driving distance of Boston. This is a combination petting zoo and elaborate

cornfield maze. Cape Cod – Just an hour or two from

Boston, Cape Cod offers enough activities to keep you busy for a week. Newport

is a 1 hour and 30 minute drive from Boston.

8. This historic town was the home of the Salem

witch trials in 1692. Foxwoods – For a unique New England

experience, you can visit the Foxwoods Casino.

Throughout the summer months these islands play host to various events

including music, sports, and natural habitat exploration. This

beautiful coastline offers a taste of Maine complete with a rocky coast,

beaches, lighthouses, and of course lobster. If you are looking for a city to use as a

base for your next vacation Boston may be your best bet.

6. Gloucester is just a 45 minute drive from

Boston. Southern Maine Coast – From Boston,

the Maine border is just under an hour

Funding Black Entrepreneurs: The Arbitrage Opportunity

The lack of black entrepreneurs is nothing new. And in order to reveal it, we must transform the face of success. I am inspired by the diversity of the entrepreneurs that come into Shark Tank and the ability of the show to reach all Americans. This is a stark contrast to the overall landscape of startups, where only 1 percent of VC-backed founders are black. I make those investments because of the basic principle of supply and demand, and the reality that black entrepreneurs typically lack the network to have their deals become bid up and overvalued. on track to become majority-minority by 2040, the low rate of investment in minority entrepreneurs is not a reflection on the number of great minority lead ventures, but rather, a reflection of the networks we access.

When the Shark Tank producers first asked me to be a guest judge on Season 7, I turned them down. But their ideas are as brilliant, their work ethic as strong, and their courage as impressive as entrepreneurs who receive the majority of Silicon Valley’s attention. It is the same responsibility Daymond John took on when he decided to step in front of that camera as well.

So many black kids aspire to be entertainers or professional athletes because those are the only role models they see that look like them.

But, you can’t be what you can’t see. The diverse talent is out there. The networks we are part of and the ones we choose to tap into, or not, are fundamental to this reality. But when I thought about who would be watching the episode, the young black boys and girls who are desperately seeking role models that look like them, or the computer science major who is the only black student in his program, I realized the responsibility I had. While I am a fan of the show, and an active investor, I find more comfort behind the camera rather than out front. These entrepreneurs see me and my investments in other successful entrepreneurs and feel that they are welcomed as creators, innovators and leaders, that they have a place in entrepreneurship, and that they have a real shot at being invested in. I have seen this proven time and again in my own endeavors. Which is not surprising when you consider the fact that 1.5 percent of positions on investment teams are filled by African Americans. When we took applications for SMASHD Labs, my new startup accelerator, 60 percent of them were from minority founders. With enough hustle, entrepreneurship opens doors to a world of opportunities.. I see this robust pool of black talent because of my network and my team’s network. And you can’t invest in talent that you aren’t looking for.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be a Shark. I see it all the time. There are only 300 jobs in the NBA, but an endless amount of opportunities as an entrepreneur.

I invest in black-led startups not because of a sense of charity. With the U.S. I hope that my appearance on the show will inspire my peers, fellow investment professionals, to see that there is an entire talent pool they are not tapping into and begin to proactively seek out black talent to create more inclusive and equal networks for our future generations.

At my new venture capital firm, Cross Culture Ventures, 80 percent of the companies we have invested in are led by black founders

A Beginners Guide To Betting On Greyhound Racing

The important odds to consider are the first, second and third for most bets that are being made. There are often multiple dogs that are involved in the race and the bets are made on the position that the dogs are going to arrive over the finish line. It is important to realize that the odds given for the race are accurate and the odds makers have years of experience in determining the results of the race and therefore the odds should be considered accordingly.

Choosing between the many greyhound racing websites that are available is simple, when the reputation of the website is compared with the races and the bets that can be made.

Using the odds and learning about the dogs and the specifics of the sport can be a great way to get into greyhound racing betting online.

As one of the most popular types of animal racing in the world, greyhound racing betting has many different types of bets that can be made with many different types of outcomes. Many times, these prizes are outlined with the bet that is being made, allowing even beginners to determine the potential prize that is available with the bet that has been made.

How can you determine what the prize will be once the bet has been made? The prize that will be given to the successful bettor depends on two factors; the amount that has been bet and the odds that are placed on the bet that has been made.

Many online racebooks allow the bettor to take part in betting practices without actually being in the local area, as they can showcase the matches online with the use of the streaming video that can be presented to clients, allowing the clients to watch the races that are being bet on, with ease.. These odds are going to determine the likelihood of a certain dog coming in a certain place through the race.

Using these two factors, greyhound racing betting sites will determine the prize that is going to be awarded. Online betting sites with “racebooks” set the greyhound racing betting odds.

The odds are available through the race and are created by the sports books

All Bets Are Off On ‘Survivor’

The biggest payoff, $8,000, came on a $1,000 bet placed on the fifth “Survivor” at 8-to-1 odds.

Odds will be offered on the seventh “Survivor” but all bettors will be carefully monitored, BoDog President Rob Gillespie said in a statement.

© 2003 The Associated Press. “Some have been right, many have been wrong.”

They wagered correctly on who would be the final two contestants in both the fourth and fifth editions of “Survivor,” Bradley said.

He wasn’t aware of any other possible legal sanctions.

BoDog requires that bettors must not have knowledge of an event’s outcome. He declined further comment on the allegations, or on any action CBS might take.

The players’ current bets on “Survivor: Amazon” have been canceled and their money refunded, Bradley said. Bradley said that bets taken from those alleged to be with CBS skewed the odds significantly on “Survivor” contestants.

Betting on events other than sports or racing is banned in Las Vegas sportsbooks, a spokeswoman for the Nevada Gaming Control Board said Thursday. Most offshore sportsbooks accept such alternative bets, said BoDog’s Bradley.

An online sportsbook said it has dropped betting on CBS’ “Survivor” after allegedly finding that network employees were wagering – and winning – on the hit reality show.

The Costa Rica-based BoDog.com found at least two CBS employees betting on the show’s outcome, said BoDog spokesman Lance Bradley. The suspicion is they had insider knowledge, he said.

“We’re pretty sure this is the case,” Bradley said.

Callers to the Bodog.com offices were told that wagers were no longer being accepted on “Survivor.”

“Only ‘The X-Files’ has more conspiracy theories than ‘Survivor,’” CBS spokesman Chris Ender said. Asked if BoDog might consider legal action, he replied: “It’s not something we’d want to pursue, as a matter of precedent.”

For the current “Survivor,” the bets in question affected the odds for contestants Jenna Morasca of Pittsburgh, Pa., and Matthew Von Ertfelda of Washington, D.C.

By Lynn Elber

At least two players have been identified as CBS employees and other names may be connected to the network or may be aliases, Bradley said. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. One person was said by BoDog to work in a “production role” for CBS.

The show narrows the field to two finalists in filmed competitions. All Rights Reserved. The players in question opened accounts with BoDog before “Survivor: Marquesas,” the fourth show, and bet only on the show and no other events.

“Throughout the history of ‘Survivor,’ many have believed they knew the outcome of the show,” Ender said. The winner is unknown until he or she is chosen in a vote by other contestants during a live broadcast.

“Arbitrage”: Critics rate Richard Gere’s new film

Gere, allow me to apply a little buzzicidal ointment. Gere is one of cinema’s great walkers, graced with a suggestively predatory physical suppleness, and he slips through the movie like a panther.

AP Photo/Roadside Attractions

Pictures: Richard Gere

Watch: Gere and Sarandon discuss their new film, “Arbitrage”

Pictures: Fall Film Preview 2012

© 2012 CBS Interactive Inc. He ends up making a mistake that forces him to turn to an unlikely person for help. He’s the film’s most deluxe item.”

. All Rights Reserved. Clint Eastwood’s chair has a better shot at an Oscar nomination.”

See what else critics are saying:

Roger Ebert of The Chicago Sun-Times: “Hitchcock called his most familiar subject ‘The Innocent Man Wrongly Accused.’ Jarecki pumps up the pressure here by giving us a Guilty Man Accurately Accused, and that’s what makes the film so ingeniously involving.”

Mary F.

The critics have chimed in on the new Nicholas Jarecki-directed film, with Rotten Tomatoes giving “Arbitrage” a very respectable 81 percent rating.

Kyle Smith of The New York Post gave it 2 out of 4 stars: “‘Arbitrage’ is a decent enough way to spend your time compared to, say, waiting on line at the grocery story. But why grade on a curve? Every episode of ‘Law & Order’ I’ve ever seen has a more complicated and plausible plot, punchier dialogue and more New York authenticity, all in less than half the time consumed by this poky would-be finance thriller.”

Peter Debruge of Variety: “Between this cast and the conviction Jarecki brings to the table, the film feels incredibly accomplished for a first feature.”

Richard Gere in a scene from “Arbitrage.”

Christy Lemmire of The Associated Press: “Gere is so charming, so irresistible when he’s on top of the world – when he’s got all those plates humming in unison – that he kind of makes you root for his character to get away with it all.”

Gere has attracted attention for his acting in the film, with Manohla Dargis of The New York Times noting, “Mr. The New York Post’s Klye Smith wrote, “And as for that so-called Oscar buzz for Mr. Pols of TIME: “The main reason to see ‘Arbitrage’ is Gere, whose steady improvement with age (he just turned 63) is not remarked upon enough.”

Peter Travers of Rolling Stone: “Richard Gere’s performance in the sinfully entertaining ‘Arbitrage’ is too good to ignore…he is at the peak of his powers.”

(CBS News) Richard Gere is back in the shoes of an investor powerhouse, portraying fictional New York hedge fund magnate Robert Miller in “Arbitrage,” which hits theaters today. Gere and Sarandon previously appeared together on the big screen in the 2004 romantic comedy “Shall We Dance.”

But not everyone agrees.

The 63-year-old “Pretty Woman” actor stars alongside Susan Sarandon and Tim Roth in the drama about a man desperate to complete the sale of his trading empire

Advice :: Internet Addiction | ArticleBiz.com

This form of addiction is completely psychological. Internet addiction is not the same and it’s consequences can be far more devastating. If you try to talk to them, you will be ignored. Internet addiction is completely curable and there’s no reason to endure it any longer.

Fighting Internet Addiction

The greatest tragedy to it all is that those around the addicted individual are the real victims. Jekyll / Mr. Most internet addicts do have an ulterior motive for being online so much. Many internet addicts, however, aren’t classified with any of these more typical vices. Hyde.” They are horrible to live with offline, but as long as they have that connection, they are relatively normal.

It often requires professional help to break internet addiction.

There are individuals who like to use the internet as a method of escape from their daily lives. Some may have complete alter identities through the internet. The addicted individual withdraws from real people and becomes more focused with individuals they know online. Many will not even stop to talk with people who are visiting. What is it that causes this? What are the symptoms? Many people mistakenly believe it’s merely a penchant for checking email or losing track of time while playing a game. They often make excuses to stay home more, but when they are home, they may seem apprehensive or depressed until they can find a good reason to go online.. Internet addiction has taken so many years to become established due to the disbelief many have over its legitimacy. The “fix” is pretending to be someone else. They watch their loved ones morph into someone else. Any addiction becomes an actual “addiction” when it negatively affects the lives of both the addict and all those around them. It may be issues at school with children.

They want complete privacy when they are online. It may be a private method for indulging in what is actually a gambling or pornography addiction. They must not only endure the emotional “mess” they must clean up after their loved one.

It’s fairly easy to spot internet addiction.

Internet addiction is a very real condition that affects households worldwide. The best time to act is now. This can be skyrocketing bills from gambling or substances. They may exhibit personality qualities much like “Dr. It may be serious problems in the workplace due to inattention or inactivity. They see the mood swings and make excuses to others. Substance abusers may find it easier to purchase their drug of choice through the internet. The most important step is to force the individual to see there is a serious problem

Casino-Gaming :: Why People Like Casinos?

The fact is there are many reasons why people like casinos. One, you can play online casino games and win money. As children, parents offer us different types of games to help us learn things like social skills and to keep us occupied. We have just listed a few.

. Many of us grow up still enjoying a game now and then. It is about the free money. Gamblers can play someone in China while sitting in the UK. Our first reason is the atmosphere of fun. We are able to buy a lottery ticket, take a chance on the spinning of a wheel, or use strategy to earn free cash.

The online casino gambling also gives players a break from reality. If someone is playing the online casino poker they are thinking about what they need to bet. They are also thinking what they need to do to win. Some of the gamblers will play online casino slots thinking that luck is on their side; that this once they will hit the button and win the million dollar jackpot. This lucky feeling draws gamblers in every day.

It is also about meeting people. You can change games whenever you want to. Whether you are sitting in a land casino or at home visiting the virtual world of casinos online, there is always that excitement. By playing five cents one could win a hundred dollars. Instead they focus on the wins, the strategy it takes to win, and the good times they are having. Craps, baccarat, Texas Hold’em and other games are always available online. Enjoyment is always a key to playing online casinos.

It would be impossible to list every reason for why people like casinos, but we do have some of the top reasons that individuals find casinos and most importantly online casinos enjoyable. You do not just have to play one game.. When we are adults we also get to enjoy the benefits of playing games for money. The music that plays or the flashing lights of the online casino slots draw players in.

The four reasons we have listed above all center on two things. Players can feel like they do not have to think about their problems, their stresses, when they are playing a game. They can learn about other cultures, other’s lives, and just have a great time. Roulette is another option of online casino games. It is also about playing the best poker players in the world at the online tournaments.

There seems to be an inherent sense that games are enjoyable. The online casino games vary from slot machines and arcade games to variations of table games. If you have always wanted to try craps but could never afford the Vegas tables you can enter into a game online. In the online casino world meeting people from all over the world is a possibility. If you are waiting for the bingo call to start you can be playing a slot machine to win a couple of dollars

Sports Arbitrage | Sports Arbitrage

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Here are the results of the first two months of Arbitrage Trading in early 2008 by Lars, our senior developer.

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Arbitrage is a well known financial practice of buying low and selling high on two different markets simultaneously, making an instant profit.

Start using the fastest, most user-friendly and most actively developed arbitrage solution today. These profitable arbitrage situations happen regularly every day, often there are more situations than you can effectively use. You can opt out of this if you want.Trial week7 days7 daysPaid now: EUR39Paid now: EUR39Sign up1 Monthper monthTrial weekSave EUR27 or 17% compared to buying four weeks.Save EUR27 (17%)7 days32 daysPaid now: EUR39 Paid now: EUR129Sign up

The method is called sports arbitrage and has been a well guarded secret for years.

When the match is complete, you collect your profit which is usually 2-5% of your total wager. Select your plan and sign up to RebelBetting. The subscription fee is usually covered within just a couple of days of trading.

I’m going to tell you how you can bet on sports and profit no matter the outcome of the game. You “buy and sell” odds and the markets are two competing bookmakers. You win every time.

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1 Weektrial weekTrial weekTurns into a 1 Month subscription at the end of the week. This is an investment method. (Of course we use RebelBetting ourselves!)

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Learning the basics takes a little time, and you need to have money deposited on a few bookmakers, but you can start off as small or big as you like. Signing up will take you to the download page where you can download RebelBetting. It is also completely free to use for as long as you want, letting you bet on arbs up to 0.6% (which is great for learning the software and practice Sports Arbitrage Trading). When you’ve learned the basics, and seen for yourself that you can make some serious money, you’ll want to subscribe to the Pro version that give you access to all arbitrages. Compare this to other forms of investing, and you’ll understand our happy users.

Arbitrages can be perfectly applied to sports betting. The second month ended with over 18% profit. After you’ve placed your bets, you are guaranteed a profit. RebelBetting is a tool that does all this for you and presents a list of arbitrages with all the information you need. Please note that this is not gambling, or a “betting system” that only works until your luck runs out. The trick with sports arbitrage is to bet on all outcomes of a game, betting on both teams to win. We will teach you how to effectively avoid these in the e-book. You will receive the complete e-book within 2 minutes. Remember that you can use RebelBetting Free, for as long as you want. If the two bookmakers have sufficiently high odds, you will be guaranteed a profit no matter who wins the game. Many arbs disappear quickly so this speed is crucial to catch the best opportunities.

How to Make 10% Profit Every Month

Imagine you could bet on both teams in a match and make a profit every time. As an added bonus, this profit is tax free in most countries (since most bookmakers are located in regions with no tax on sport betting).

The Secret Revealed

Some of the content:

Sports Arbitrage – Get Started Today!

Happy Arbing!

The Sports Arbitrage e-book contains everything you need know about Sports Arbitrage, and will guide you through your first arbitrage bet.

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Step 1. This is called sports arbitrage, and turns gambling into a solid investment method. RebelBetting users regularly make a profit of 10 to 20% every month, even beginners. After a while you’ll find that placing a bet only takes a few moments of your time every day, and the profits will be anything from a nice side income to a really nice living.

To help you get started, we have published a free e-book that teaches you everything you need to know about sports arbitrage.

Built for speed and ease of use, RebelBetting is the only tool that guides you through the whole betting process, while giving you tips and warnings. In the beginning you can just try it out, placing small bets until you’ve become more experienced. An experienced sports arbitrage trader making just a handful of bets every day will realistically earn 10% every month of his or her total bank roll!

Average profits of 10-15% every month with just a few hours every week

We teach you everything you need to know, and guide you to your first profits

You can work from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet

You have nothing to lose, the software and the e-book is free!

In short, this is why you should get started with Sports Arbitrage Trading:

To find the best sports arbitrages you will need to scan hundreds of web pages and thousands of odds every minute, compare them to each other and calculate if the odds result in an arbitrage opportunity or not. Luck has nothing to do with it. There is a method that effectively turns sports betting into a way of investing your money, with regular profits above 10% per month. It also helps you place your bets by using the AutoLogin and AutoSurf features that lets you find your odds and place your bets in seconds instead of minutes.

As you can see, he achieved a 9% profit the first month even though making a common beginner mistake (the dip)

Advice for The Victims of Gamblers

In this case the gambling is causing a lot of insecure moments.

The exact same occurs like he is dwelling in the past, and holding onto something that no longer exists.

They are afraid he will sell their belongings, or will secretly take loans and would want others to bail him out.

I don’t know how much more one can become fed up of that addictive habit of gambling.

A tough situation and is becoming a daily problem.

Don’t be unhappy be positive and free from that thought.

It would drive them apart more and more and day by day.

How can a family feel safe if the gambling has taken over their lives?

The best advice as follows:

We had discussed the gambling issue and came to a few decisions.

Sometimes talking or discussing the gambling problem won’t make sense to the gambler.

She had a problem with her husband’s habits. To wait for that ticket that does not show up as the winning ticket is another problem.

It is most difficult to trust a gambler.

A sad life for two people when he goes on like this not thinking of what is supposed to be important.

Eat correctly and be happy and live your life.

She had tried and tried to get him to stop or lower the cost of gambling.

Gamblers don’t admit their addiction and that can be the worst of all on your list of advice.

Always tell a gambler you don’t have any money. It is time for a gambler to control their debt and their lives.

If you think you can have control over a gambler’s life then be ready for the unhappy you.

A family is supposed to be safe, through their financial lives and through their emotional lives. You need the attention of the individual not the shadow or a glance.

You can try to seek professional help and on most times that too can fail.

Protect yourself from the gambler’s life and debt.

You need to take care of you and don’t think of what the gambler is up to.

The situation had deteriorated, and the problem went on with the same mistakes.

A gambler must show responsibility for their gambling behavior.

No one can force him to stop the daily gambling.

They become isolated and love it that way.

Lies comes in quickly you don’t need to help them with their issues. Giving money to gambler is like crucifying you.

Do not let the gambler know how much money you have in your bank account that would draw the individual to your money.

I just can’t erase some thoughts from my mind after recently talking to a friend.

When a gambler is penniless you can be in the same shoes if you help out the gambler financially.

A gambler does not spend money on any pleasure moments mainly on gambling and wait on targets with money.

He tried even harder to get her into the gambling game.

The wrong idea would be is to try and be in charge of a gambler’s life.

Don’t take the strain of gambling on your shoulders it is not your problem or your fault.

Enjoyable times are lost and one can become very lonely.

Avoid speaking of figures.

Be in control of your life and finances.

Sometimes the individual looks drained from her energy and tired with worry.

Everything stops in a person’s life when with a gambler and the individual does not see that as a problem.

Only he can acknowledge that part about him.

This time the gambling is slowly ruining her so I decided to help as a good friend.

Conversations have failed when his money belongs to him, and only him he can do whatever he wants to.

The gambler can look at you funny for letting them know of their gambling problem.

Don’t protect the gambler that would not work out well for you.

These mistakes are once again repeated in the second marriage.

Communication completely fails when a gambler is just focused on bets.

Don’t blame yourself for what the gamble fails to see or acknowledge.

It can be exhausting to cope with such an individual.

Gambling can put a heavy load on any relationship.

It looks like everything is falling apart and he can’t or fails to see how his habits are affecting his loved ones.. He was a compulsive gambler.

You can’t change the way the gambler thinks, only you change the way you think and do.

The gambling as far as I am concerned is not going to bring light to their married life.

Social lives are horribly affected.

Be open in conversation when with the gambler.

I know the gambling problem is not the woman’s fault she did not know from the time of meeting this man that everything in her life would go down so badly.

You can’t make a conversation if a gambler looks elsewhere. They got to know how you feel directly.

You can try to support a gambler only to certain limit.

The long wait is an ongoing process